[FREE] Freestyle Type Beat "Piranha" | Free Type Beat | Rap Trap Beats

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[FREE] Freestyle Type Beat “Piranha” | Free Type Beat | Rap Trap Beats

🔥 Download Link | Purchase Link : https://bsta.rs/61d9711

(prod. by Laykx)


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Absolutely Any Use of my beats “Including leased beats” REQUIRE CREDIT IN THE TITLE (Prod. by Laykx). There are NO Exceptions. Any Social Media use of my Beats require credit to me In the caption @laykx_

The [FREE] version of this beat is available for subscribers for non-profit, evaluation purposes only. This means YouTube or Soundcloud use with NO monetization. The free version of this beat is NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music Ect. Thank You

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