"The Stimulus Pack" [20 Free Beats For Profit] kendrick lamar, j cole, type beats 2021 |1hr Of Beats

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⬇️ – http://bit.ly/stimpack_1

❗❗READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD❗❗ Thank you for the love. These beats are FREE FOR PROFIT! Please release on DISTRO KID (Or Any Distribution That Provide Royalty Splits) in order to give splits. (epikthedawn@gmail.com)

ASCAP Publishing Co. = The Council Productions
ASCAP Writers IPI = 509136465

50/50 Split On All.

You are responsible for adding me to the publishing/royalties of the songs you create. If you fail to add and the song does numbers you & or the company that represents you will be sued for 100% of publishing and money earned.

If you are releasing for non profit HAVE FUN. No worries!

Thank you for the continued support and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Back Down
04:54 Visvim
08:39 No panic
11:51 Insignificant
16:22 Follow Through
19:44 Ish Change
24:23 All Good
26:22 Futurama
29:01 Cryptic
33:36 The Sun
37:46 Service
41:26 You
44:08 No Fear
48:29 Patient
53:06 Lost One
57:34 Continuum
1:02:04 Feelings
1:07:09 No Case
1:10:27 Identify
1:13:48 In The End

Free Beat (Non Profit Only):
Free Downloads are available to the public on all beats (except ones in collaborations with companies or non profit/charities). Free downloads are for NON PROFIT ONLY. You can not upload a FREE DL to Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube Music (Not Youtube In general) or any other streaming service/ for profit service. You can not use this for any commercial use or use in any monetary way. By downloading this beat from the link above and or “RIPPING” the beat from youtube you agree to not use the said instrumental FOR ANY PROFIT. If you would like to release for profit please purchase a lease.

I would not suggest using our beats in content videos because you will get a content id strike.

ASCAP Publishing Co. = The Council Productions
ASCAP Writers IPI = 509136465

Licensing Info:
Option 1 –
Unlimited Lease: $50 (Buy 1 Get 3 Free)
Unlimited leases are the best option for any independent artist. You have unlimited rights to distribute the music you create to an (epikbeats.net) instrumental. All Publishing/Royalties/Splits are 50/50. Your license never runs out so you don’t have to worry about renewing it.

Option 2 –
Elite Membership: $50 (Monthly)
When you become an elite member you get access to our ENTIRE CATALOG (500+ Beats). You can download up to 4 beats a day in any format (Mp3/Wav/Trackout). When you sign up you agree to a (Unlimited License) which is the same as above. You can cancel at anytime! We believe this is the best option for any artist out there on a budget that is trying to complete albums or push out a high capacity of musical content! Sign Up: https://epikbeats.net

Option 3
Exclusives: $5000+
At this time we do not offer exclusives to the public. Artists that are interested in exclusives are vetted based on BUDGET & PROFIT ABLITY. We ask for a FULL BUSINESS PLAN & BUDGET in order to consider selling exclusives to you. We believe this is the worst option for most artists because most artists don’t have the budget/business to properly distribute a song to create a buzz from it. If you believe that you do you can contact us at the email below.

Contact (Business):
● Email: beats@epikbeats.net
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