[FREE] Sad Type Instrumental | Deep Emotional Rap Beat | Sufro

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💰Free Download | Purchase Untagged Link : https://bsta.rs/c466be43b
🎁Buy 1 Get 3 FREE License
📀Exclusive Rights: 299$
🌎Website : http://www.luxraybeats.net/
📩Contact : luxraybeats@gmail.com

[FREE] Sad Type Instrumental | Deep Emotional Rap Beat | Sufro

💿MP3 (Untagged) : 19,95$
💿Wav (Untagged) : 34,95$
💿Trackout : 69,95$
💿Unlimited : 119,95$
📀Exclusive Rights: 299$

All beats are free for non-profit use ONLY on YouTube & SoundCloud.
All instrumentals are protected with contend ID. This will set automatically a claim to your video. This claim will not harm the video or your channel. It will only inform you about the contend ID. You can still use as many instrumentals as you want without paying for it. To monetize or release the claim from your videos, you need a license, the smallest one is anough for YouTube. Just send me the link of the video and I will release the claim.
For all other streaming platforms (like spotify, apple music) or albums, concerts you need a license (at least the premium one; as it provides the best quality) from the website.
Proper credit must be given (prod by LuxrayBeats)

I own Contend ID to protect myself from people stealing my instrumentals.
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