Nirvana Type Beat 2018 (Alternative Rock Grunge Instrumental #2)

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Lease This Beat: – I wanted to create a Nirvana Type Beat that used real rock drums with live recorded guitars and bass as well. This alternative rock grunge instrumental builds energy through the song until the end where the verse is combined into the last chorus, ending with a solo guitar. The tempo is at 144 beats per minute.

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💲Mp3 Lease : $29.99
💲Wav Lease : $39.99
💲Trackout Lease : $79.99
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Q: Can I use your beats for free for non profit projects?
A: Yes, Ryini Beats are generally free for non profit when crediting Ryini Beats as they are published online! You can download mp3 file on the link in the description. Please don`t forget to give production credits.

Q: If I purchase license can i sell it on Spotify, iTunes, etc.?
A: Yes, you can distribute your songs on iTunes, Spotify etc., but you are not allowed to use Content ID (copyright) system. Full licensing info you can find at under the Licensing Info section ( there is a ” Read Full License ” option with all details )

Q: How can I download this beat without tags?
A: When You purchase instrumental you receive untagged WAV and MP3 version of instrumental.

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