[FREE] Freestyle Type Beat – "Box" | Emotional Club Trap Beat Type Instrumental 2021

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[FREE FOR PROFIT] Freestyle Type Beat – “Box” | Emotional Club Trap Beat Type Instrumental 2021

🎧 This beat is free for non-profit use. If you use it, you must credit me (prod. wonder). For profite purposes please purchase a lease.

● ⬇️ Download/Instant Delievery: https://bsta.rs/8af0751f2 / https://instagram.com/wonder.musicxd

●📸 Instagram (@wonder.musicxd): https://instagram.com/wonder.musicxd

●📲 Any questions about Lease , Exclusive Rights and Free Downloads send me on email: wondermusicofficial4@gmail.com

MP3 Lease (untagged MP3): $25.95 USD
Wav Lease (untagged WAV+MP3) : $49.95 USD
Unlimited License (untagged WAV+MP3+Track Stems) : $149.95 USD
Exclusive License: $400 USD

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